Structured Home Wiring

Future Wire your Smart Home:
From planning to installation for
audio, home theater, security,
surveillance & home automation.

Structured Home Wiring

Information on how to Future Wiring your Smart Home.
From planning to selecting the right parts and tools to installation.
With guidelines for both new construction and existing homes.
Help with audio, home theater, alarms / security, surveillance, and home automation.

Structured Wiring for the Home

  • Structured Wiring Introduction - High level overview for wiring your home.
  • Types of Wires - Review of the different types of wires you might want to run through the wall or use in your entertainment system.
  • Structured Wiring Plan - Steps to create a wiring plan before you begin with some different ideas on what you might want to do.
  • Sample Wiring Project - An sample complete wiring plan using showing what wires are run to each room and why.
  • Another Wiring Project - Another example project with more speakers and audio & video distribution.
  • Wiring Project Parts Guide - If you are fortunate enough to be able to wire your home while it is still under construction, you will want to make sure you don't forget anything before you drive out to your new home.
  • How to Wire a New Home - How to run wires in the wall, floor, and ceiling of your home before the drywall has been placed..
  • Wiring Existing Homes - Different methods on how to run wires between rooms for your existing home, with diagrams and examples.
  • Example Wire Runs With Photos - Pictures of what your wires and electrical boxes should (and shouldn't) look like when you are done.
  • Terminating Cables and Wall Plates - Put the finishing touches on the outlets in each room.
  • The Wiring Panel - The central heart of the Structured Wiring Plan, where all wire runs should begin.
  • Wire Conversions - Information on how some wire types can be converted into something different. Useful if your component inputs don't match your outputs..
  • Home Theater Setup - TV & Speaker placement considerations and wiring options for your home theater system.

Security System / Burglar Alarm Planning, Wiring & Programming

  • Alarm Systems Introduction - Introduction to Planning and Installing your own Security System.
  • Alarm Components - What are the different components that make up a Security System, from sensors to keypads to the main panel.
  • Planning an Alarm System - Some options with examples on choosing how to make use of the available "zones" in your alarm panel.
  • Tamper Proof Wiring - Understanding the different methods that can be used to bypass an alarm will help you understand some of the wiring conventions used in alarm systems.
  • Wiring an Alarm System - How do wire the different types of powered and non-powered using Normally Open / Normally Closed circuits with and without End of Line Resistors.
  • Sample DSC Alarm - Pictures and Wiring Plans for every necessary component to wire a DSC Power 864 Security System..
  • Programming the Alarm - How to setup the zones, activation codes, and other considerations after your alarm system is wired and ready.
  • Alarm Testing & Maintenance - Testing the alarm system after installation and regular maintenance that should be performed.
  • Wireless Alarms - What you need to know for partial or completely wireless alarm installations.

Surveillance System Wiring, Distribution & Recording

Home Automation


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